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Sea Shanties

Seafarers shaped the development of the modern world and their songs provide a snapshot of their lives, from romantic entanglements to captain brutality to a longing for home. They often rely strongly on call and response with a very strong rhythm, which … Continue reading

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Band Skills

Band workshops can be organised for all ages and abilities, and as one-off events, a short series of events or weekly rehearsals. The usual format is: Learn a tune (or two, or more!) Experiment with arrangement ideas Decide on a … Continue reading

Calling for Ceilidhs

Ceilidh dancing is a fun, exciting way to socialise and keep fit, but it can also develop special awareness, social, memory and motor skills. After learning the basics of the dance style, participants will start calling and choreographing the dances themselves, … Continue reading

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Maypole Dance

At Key Stage 1 & 2 level, Maypole dance workshops are an excellent introduction to English dance history, combined with physical recreation, teamwork and a lot of fun creating patterns and shapes with brightly-coloured ribbons! Maypole can be a fun … Continue reading

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Music Theory

An introduction to music theory designed specially for the bedroom musician, folk musician or veteran rocker. Been playing music for years without reading a note? Completely bewildered when musos mention key signatures, modulations, dynamics and other clever-sounding goobledygook? This one-off workshop or … Continue reading

Session Skills

Discover the knack of playing without sheet music! The ability to ‘play by ear’ means you can play pretty much anything without needing to search for the music and then stare fixedly at it while you play. It’s a particularly … Continue reading

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